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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 13, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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none other than four-star general, general jack keane, to get his analysis of the situation as we watch the defense secretary head to the border. that's all happening tomorrow. i'll see you there. have a great night, everyone. kennedy starts now. ♪ ♪ kennedy: thank you, trish. do you smell that step. that is the odor of democrat desperation as they lawyer up, they're heading to florida hell bent on winning the recounts through any means necessary, and every day there are more lawsuits, more accusations and more shady shenanigans. the question tonight, will they steal the election as president trump claims they're trying to do? as you know, republican rick scott currently leads democratic incumbent bill nelson in that senate fight by more than 12,000 votes. because that is under the .5% threshold, it has triggered an automatic recount. rick scott's campaign claims
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democrats are trying to pull votes out of thin air, but today nelson's team scored a victory when a judge extended the recount until november 20th. it was supposed to be this thursday. president trump made it very clear what he thinks is going on down in the sunshine state, tweeting, quote: when will bill nelson concede in florida? the characters running broward and palm beach voting will not be able to find enough votes, too much spotlight on them now. one of the characters, broward county supervisor of elections, there she is, brenda snipes. she's a democrat and has been accused of anti-republican bias for years, but snipes is sniping back against the lawsuits and the accusations of fraud. watch. >> the lawsuits as they are written certainly cast aspersions on my character, and if i've worked here for about 15 years. and i have to say this is the first time that this office or i have been under such attacks.
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so if we make mistakes, we own mistakes. kennedy: is there something rotten in the state of florida, and if so, who's guilty? joining me now, it's fox news politics editor chris stirewalt. welcome back. >> howdy, ma'am. kennedy: howdy, sir. let's discuss this. when will bill nelson concede? >> so bill nelson trails by, the last time i checked, 13,607 votes, i think. the largest -- kennedy: has he, has he -- has rick scott added to his tally? >> no. well, we've sort of been at stasis because we've been waiting for broward and palm beach counties to come in. but i want to put it in this larger context. the largest, the two largest margins by which which a significant race has ever been overturned in a recount were both less than 300 votes. kennedy: that is absolutely correct, sir. >> no one who is dealing from the top of the deck believes that this result is likely to be
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overturned, particularly in the gubernatorial election where the margin is something more like 30,000 votes. kennedy: yeah, i believe it's about 33,000 votes, chris. >> why is everybody acting so foolish ask crazy? and then i realized, and then i remembered, it's good for both parties here -- kennedy: how's that? >> not only can they scare monger and attack and go back and forth, but they can raise money, they can increase their name identification. if you were andrew bill lam -- gillam, you can continue to be out there. everybody can use this apocalyptic language to talk about something that sensible people know is beyond remote -- kennedy: it's like a floridian caravan, if you will. >> yes, exactly. it's a caravan of chads. [laughter] little chads. kennedy: they got rid of the chads, but they kept the weird. why, florida? if why? >> what else you got to do? the buffet starts early, and by the time that's done, you've got
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to go count some chads. kennedy: i guess you're absolutely right, you know, and this is a point i keep coming back to, because we've seen this coming for quite some time. florida is a state that is very close and very strange politically. and that, you know, voters want a little bit of everything. they want the buffet, they want the smorgasbord when it comes to their candidates, and they have a hard time choosing one way or the other. which i am fine with finish. >> right. cp ken but having said that, i'm a little surprised that their voting machines aren't working. >> so broward county has a heinous track record are, and it didn't start with snipes. her predecessor was removed, jeb bush when he was governor -- kennedy: low energy. >> a school superintendent or an educator in broward county in her place. she's been there, been reelected. now she's thinking she's not going to run again in 2020, but that would still leave her with jurisdiction over the 2020 election. kennedy: absolutely. >> i'm going to imagine that ron desantis is going to remove
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her from that position, that there will be more outrage, more fundraising, more noise-making, but i would say at this point the idea that she is going to be in a position to administer the 2020 election after another botch, i think, no way. kennedy: no. and this whole thing, it's a great big distraction. and i think those results are going to stand in both races. there's no evidence of voter fraud right now, correct? >> none. zero. kennedy: all right. and let's move on to maine, because they have a very interesting experiment going on there called ranked choice voting. unfortunately, neither of the candidates reached the 50% threshold in, is it the senate race there? >> no, it's the house race. kennedy: that's exactly what i said. it sounded weird because of the microphone. >> sounded weird with the accent. kennedy: hello? [laughter] basically, one of the candidates is suing saying it's unconstitutional, because if someone doesn't have the majority of votes, then the last
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placed candidate votes are thrown out, and then you go to the second choice of those who voted for the last place candidate until you keep eliminating people and come up with a winner. >> so if it's -- kennedy: it's taking a long time. >> if it's you, barney rubble and fred flintstone, i'm going to vote for you, then i put barney down and fred three. if we get to election day and nobody's over 50% and you're in last place, my vote for you is thrown out, and now my vote for barr think is recorded. and -- barney is recorded. i was very skeptical about it, but, you know, i've got to tell you, it's got some substantial upside -- kennedy: i agree completely. >> not the least of which is the fact that it makes candidates appeal beyond their base. you have to reach outside yourself, and you have to talk to other people because it's not enough to be the number one choice for a third of the people, you have to be the number two, you have to be the number three choice for others.
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i think they may be on to something, and i'm seeger to see -- eager to see how the experiment plays out. kennedy: for those of us who complain about the empty bifurcation of the two-party cartel system in this country, rank choice voting is one of the few systems that actually appeals to and practically can put in place multiple parties. so we'll see what happens in maine. lawsuits abound in all states though, right? >> right. and the other thing, the important thing to remember here is empty bifurcation opened for two-party cartel at the met, i think. [laughter] kennedy: how to you get to carnegie hall? [laughter] >> practice. kennedy: absolutely right, chris stirewalt. love it. talk to you soon, thank you. >> you bet. kennedy: meanwhile, democrats are screaming from the mountaintops that the new acting interim attorney general, matthew whitaker, has to go. here's the thing, he hasn't done anything wrong yet. but democrats won't even give him a chance. maryland's attorney general is challenging whitaker in a
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lawsuit, arguing rod rosenstein should instead lead the department. democrats like senate minority leader chuck schumer also calling for him to step down to protect the mueller probe. chuckles? >> if whitaker does not recuse himself, we democrats are going to attempt to add legislation to the must-pass spending bill in the lame duck session that will prevent acting attorney general whitaker there interfering with the mueller investigation in any way. kennedy: in any way. we're just going to staple it right on there. everything schumer just said is puretheater. because whitaker is reportedly consulting with justice department ethics officials about possibly recusing himself from the russia investigation. the white house argues his past comments about mueller were made as a private citizen and shouldn't hold water now that he's acting a.g.. should whitaker risk the president's wrath and recuse or stand up to the democrats still crying collusion? joining me now, senior editor at the federalist and a fox news
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contributor, it is molly hemingway. >> great to be here with you. kennedy: let's talk recusal a little bit, because democrats are citing these conflicts of interest not only in some statements whitaker's made in the past and some things he's written, but also his association with a trump campaign official, sam clovis, which seems to be a loose association. if they're so worried about conflicts of interest, how can they possibly say that rod rosenstein is the right man to be heading the justice department? >> right. if they really were worried about conflicts of interest, they would have very serious concerns with rod rosenstein. he's the guy who wrote the memo about firing james comey, and when trump did fire james comey, he immediately set up a special counsel in response to that. he also signed one of the warrants that contained false and misleading information to spy on an affiliate of the trump campaign, and he has obstructed congress as they're investigating what his department is doing. if you want to talk conflicts of interest, rod rosenstein has
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them in spades if, whereas when the kerr has no -- whitaker has no ties to the mueller probe. people say he's spoke against the mueller probe sort of, but he also spoke in favor of it. he was saying it does have constraints on it, so i think people are misinterpreting what he said to begin with. it's more people are saying they don't want donald trump to have anybody running that agency who has any control over that agency. kennedy: i mean, eric holder and president obama were very close. >> they were best buddies, and eric holder was quite the partisan, but that's okay actually. you want to have people, when you elect people president, what you're asking them to do is put people this charge of the departments. this our country we don't believe that our agencies should be dependent and not beholden to any accountability. that goes triple for any large law enforcement agency. kennedy: no, i understand. and adam schiff, of course, is calling for whit can kerr to step down -- whitaker to step
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down. you know, my general rule of thumb is if adam schiff wants it, i do not. >> no, but it is funny. adam schiff is now really involved in congressional oversight, and he says he's going to really take whitaker to task. three weeks ago holding people accountable in the justice department meant that you were going after rule of law, and you were a threat to the republic. and now that he's in power, he's going to do exactly the kind of oversight that devin nuñes was doing when he was heading up the same committee. but congressional oversight, again, is a good thing. that's what -- that's the only group out there that should be doing, that should be holding these people accountable. they are charged with doing that. that is their duty, and they should be allowed to do it. it's also important that people who are digging into problems at doj, that we already know about get to do their investigations as well. kennedy: well, it's really interesting to see what happens here. i think, you know, and this is just my personal opinion, that wait for whitaker to do something wrong before you talk about obstructing him or
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removing him or insisting on his recusal. ask is one of the other points they bring up is that his appointment is unconstitutional. and that is a very serious claim. where do you fall on that? >> i think the, you know, so long as it's temporary, and it is a temporary appointment as far as we know now, i think that donald trump has a very strong case for putting this person in. so it's more important that people should focus on who the permanent replacement is. he only gets 280 days with a temporary -- kennedy: who do you think the permanent -- do you think whitaker will be made permanent, and could he withstand the confirmation process, or is it one of these other people that we've been hearing about, everyone from rudy giuliani to chris christie? >> i mean, i'm not sure. i think whitaker is fully qualified. he's someone who was appointed by president george w. bush to be a usa, he's served as chief of staff for two attorneys general. there are plenty of people who would be good.
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what's really important is to have someone who isn't unable to keep his agency in check. that was a disaster, to have that for the last two years. there's so many things that are required to make sure this department can be -- kennedy: do you think the mueller probe probe could go on another 280 days? >> i mean, maybe they'll finally find that russia collusion they're really looking for. kennedy: they're in the trunk with the bill nelson votes. >> they're going to find it. i really believe it. kennedy: molly hemingway, thank you so much. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up, cnn is suing the white house. president trump's favorite channel wants to take him to court. they're not taking the law into their own hands for revoking jim acosta's press credentials. coming up, a man who knows a thing or two about sparring with the white house press corps and the loudest member, feisty, joins me to talk, jim acosta, next. ♪ ♪ today...
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♪ ♪ kennedy: the battle between the media and the trump white house just got dialed up to 11. cnn is now suing president trump and several aides for revoking jim acosta's press pass after this now-infamous moment in the east room. watch. >> [inaudible conversations] >> honestly, i think you should let me run the country, you run cnn. and if you did it well, your ratings -- >> if i may ask one question,
9:18 pm
mr. president, are you worried -- >> that's enough. >> mr. president -- >> that's enough. that's enough. >> pardon me, ma'am, mr. mr. president -- >> that's enough. >> if i may ask on the russia investigation, are you concerned that you -- >> i'm not concerned about anything with the russia investigation, because it's a hoax. that's enough. put down the mic. kennedy: ooh. he was, like, shut your piehole, jim. [laughter] the lawsuit alleges the white house is violating the network's and acosta's first and fifth amendment rights. in a statement, white house press secretary sarah sanders responded saying, quote: this is more grandstanding from cnn, and we vigorously defend against this lawsuit. the first amendment is not served when a single reporter of more than 150 present attempts to monopolize the floor. earlier this evening a judge ordered the white house to
9:19 pm
respond. my next guest has had his fair share of ballots with acosta, former white house press secretary sean spicer. oh, sean, how to we maintain this critical balance between the press, the president and the constitution? >> actually, i think the answer is fairly simple. finish -- and that is that if we can agree to a set of standards of decorum and professionalism, then we should be okay. i think that the press should be able to ask any question that they want, and and where i i think some of the reporting is off on this is they keep talking about, you know, acosta's being punished for asking a tough question. that's not at all what happened. it's acosta's behavior that's the issue. and i think that the president asked, was asked and answered his question multiple times. jim acosta didn't want to ask a question, he wanted to bait the president. and if i think that there's a difference. and so i think if we can
9:20 pm
actually set a level of decorum and professional standards which is you have every right to ask what you want, but when it's answered, you allow your creeings to get their chance. and sarah's statement was right. i mean, you've got 150 plus members of the press at that press thing, they all had questions. and they wanted theirs answered. and it wasn't jim's press conference to dominate. so there's a level of decorum, which is you get your question answered, the president says thank you, and let's move on. kennedy: yeah. >> it's not your microphone, it's not your press conference. kennedy: what about the idea that cnn is saying that protection of a free press is enshrined in the constitution -- >> it is. kennedy: -- and the president doesn't get to kick can out the press because they challenge him. and, you know, cnn says, you know, jim acosta's been doing this for a long time, and it is his job to challenge the president. >> but, kennedy, a couple things. let's be, let's just be clear, cnn is --
9:21 pm
kennedy: let's be clear. >> there are four, five, six, seven other members of the cnn team -- kennedy: they have 50 passes to the white house. >> okay, there you go, they have 50 passes. plus those are what they call the hard a passes. they can apply for a day pass or a week pass at any time which is how a lot of reporters gain access to the white house on a daily basis, so let's be clear. this isn't the be-all and end-all. the bottom line is this doesn't have to do with asking tough questions. it has to do with decorum. jim got to ask his questions -- kennedy: he did. he asked several questions. and it's annoying, and i understand the rationalization is, well, this is how the president treats us, therefore, we're allowed to treat him this way. and the emotional volley, the back and forth between the president and the press is actually satisfying for both parties. the problem that a lot of these reporters have with jim acosta is he hogs up -- he's such a ball hog -- >> right. kennedy: -- and it's about him. >> that's right.
9:22 pm
kennedy: it's not about issues, and there are some really critical questions for this and every administration that other people don't get to ask because jim acosta's being a dumb dumb. >> sure. listen, like you said, there's 150 folks there. why don't they get to ask theirs? because jim's trying to monopolize this. let's bring the temperature down, come to a reasonable come to if his. jim gets his pass back, but every reporter -- and, frankly, here's the issue, this is the thing. this isn't -- 90, what, 5% of these guys behave in a professional, respectable manner. they ask the president or the press secretary their question, they get it answered, and they move on. they report on it. the constitution doesn't give you the right to go wherever you want, but no one has a problem with what jim asked. and that's where cnn is sort of not giving you the full story. they keep talking about we have a right -- no kidding. i agree with that wholeheartedly. they have a right to ask what they want. but they don't have a right to
9:23 pm
do it in however, in the manner in which they do. at a certain point -- kennedy: well, and also if it's such an issue, then have another reporter go there, you know? and cnn, i think they're being like emmanuel macron who's attacking the president because he's trying to get any sort of leverage he possibly can. and cnn is i trying to get any attention they can because their viewership is waning. >> well, and i actually -- here's the thing that i think is sad about this. i think there's a good number of the press corps in the white house, i've talked to a bunch of them, that don't like the fact that acosta's pass gets pulled, but they also don't -- kennedy: i agree with. that i think pulling his pass makes him a martyr. >> a martyr. kennedy: and that's unfortunate, because that's what his colleagues are going to write about, and that is -- >> right, but a lot of -- kennedy: rush to the defense of james rosen and james rice when the -- rise when the obama administration was making life very difficult for them. >> right. but i think a lot of the
9:24 pm
reporters i talked to in the press corps are saying i don't like being put in this position, because i feel like i have to defend a colleague's, you know, need for a pass, but i don't like the antics, and i don't like it being all about them -- kennedy: it's annoying. >> right. kennedy: frankly, if we can be honest for a second, it is annoying. and, you know, jim acosta has some responsibilityhere too. i don't feel bad for him, and if he wants to behave like an adult, then he can wear his big boy pants and go back to the white house and have a great time with everyone else. but until then, you know, he's got to go back to -- we have to go, but i love you tremendously, and i would like you to come back in person so we can have great times. >> i'd love to do that. i would like to make great time. kennedy: absolutely. thank you so much, sean spicer. >> thanks, kennedy. kennedy: coming up, amazon just announced they're building two new big headquarters they say will create tens of thousands of jobs, and that is fantastic! but the new venture could actually cost taxpayers millions, maybe billions of dollars to make it happen. talking about the pitfalls of
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♪ ♪ kennedy: well, if cronyism makes you muledly nausea, get ready to barf, because amazon just made a pair of unholy alliances in the seats of financial and political power in this country. jeff bezos and his band of shipping gypsies will set up new headquarters in new york city and just outside d.c. and before you fall all over yourself squirting tears of gratitude, just know the behemoth has now intermingled his enterprise with some big government blowhards. cities from texas to tennessee have been offering billions in subsidities to lure a rich company with a market cap of $800 billion and a corporate welfare cash grab that, in new york, will cost taxpayers $60,000 per new job thanks to
9:30 pm
tax credits and shady grants. well, sure amazon will hire a one -- bunch of new people and pepper them with perks, but to they really need over a billion dollars in those refundable tax credits from this bastion of status-driven inequality? upstate new york is still trying to dig themselves out of a decade-long downturn that was only made worse after being smothered in then-senator hillary's turd-scented promises. don't you think they would have appreciated a gleaming amazon hq in blighty buffalo? of course, it's wrong for city and state governments to throw free money at gold-dusted corporations. and it's one of the few times where i actually agree with that socialist dullard, al sand ya to casio or cortez. this whole enterprise is fishier than a carp farm and further enriching a loaded company by punishing middle income earns through higher taxes is wrong on every level. do i blame amazon? well, not necessarily. these are the rules of the
9:31 pm
restricted marketplace dictated by greedy politicians who only want to win sausage-swinging contests to beef up brochures. to you blame a stripper for dancing naked? [laughter] or the trout-mouthed perverts throwing money at her to wriggle her bits in their faces? amazon's g-string is already quite full, and those dirty ones are coming from your piggybank, and you didn't even get toking the goodties. and that's the memo. ♪ ♪ kennedy: if you need any more proof, just check out the two bozos who pushed the operation through here in new york the, governor andrew cuomo and his side show giraffe, new york city mayor bill de blasio taking a victory lap at today's press conference.
9:32 pm
how do we get back to a laissez-faire paradise? the panel is here the discuss, steve hilton, host of the next revolution on the fox news channel, sunday nights at 9 p.m. eastern, along with dave smith if, comedian and host of part of the problem podcast, and tim carney, the commentary editor at the washington examiner which just published an editorial that reads, quote: the sad irony is that the very thing that drew amazon to the d.c. area is the very thing that makes it too expensive for regular people to live here, the bloated, overbearing, overgenerous, overregulating federal leviathan. the well said. gentlemen, welcome. >> hello. >> hey. kennedy: i will start with you because, obviously, your fellow colleagues in the editorial section at the washington examiner have an issue with this. >> yeah. no, and i wrote that word overregulating. i wasn't sure if it was a real word, but it is. kennedy: it is. >> the fact is that big business, like amazon, loves big government. and that al sand ya
9:33 pm
ocasio-cortez and jeff bezos, they both are trying to set up a home both in queens and in d.c. and alexandra's right, it's too expensive in d.c. why? because the federal government is too big. every regulation, every mandate, every subsidy, every bailout that washington creates benefits the big guys like amazon. that's why they're moving close to washington, and the handouts -- kennedy: i know, and this is such a joke, because they were never going to go to tucson, they were never going to go to dallas, they were never going to go anywhere other than where they have this access to money ask power. and -- money and power. and, you know, essentially all of these governments just throw bribes at them. >> right. do you ever see the maps where they break down the richest counties, and six out of the top ten are outside d.c., and all this is record high government spending and artificially low interest rates, and you have this ponzi scheme game on wall street who's connected to the government in washington. and this is basically what got
9:34 pm
trump elected. this is why there's like a populist uprising in the country right now. it's disgusting that small businesses have to pay some of the highest tax rates in state tax -- in income taxes here in the country in new york. and we just throw tax credits at one of the richest companies in the world. kennedy: yeah. as if they couldn't afford to have a shop here. but, you know, kanye was right -- [laughter] and i don't think this should -- >> i didn't see that one coming. kennedy: -- a government mandate, but when he talks about bringing jobs back to places like chicago, like upstate new york, like, you know, other parts of the rust belt that have really been decimated by a loss in manufacturing, it would be great to have amazon headquarters there. >> yes. kennedy: and guess what? the reality is a little bit cheaper too, and they could build with their own means even bigger places to perk up their staff. >> totally right. and this, this whole approach which is not -- this is just the latest example. you see this all the time. look at the way that apple -- well, apple's the manufacturer,
9:35 pm
foxconn was bribed billions to set up a factory in wisconsin. you saw it with tesla, the battery factory, they call it the giga factory or something in nevada. time after time, all they do is hand out the bribes to these giant companies. now, you just mentioned kanye saying, of course it's reasonable for cities and areas to try and attract investment and jobs. but the way you do that is not by handing out bribes to the companies. it's investing in infrastructure in the area, in work force development so you've got skilled workers there, training and education, all that kind of stuff that benefits the local area. rather than just handing it out to global corporations -- kennedy: and if you go to places like that where people need jobs, you're also going to have competition and more people seeking out those jobs which is better for everyone. >> yes. kennedy: but, you know, of course, once the federal government -- and the state and local governments, once they get involved, they completely screw with the rules and end up hurting these small businesses
9:36 pm
that do pay disproportionally higher tax rate. and now we're going to switch gears to the president. president trump upping the ante on his new war of worlds with the president of france. in a tweet this morning, he said, quote: emmanuel macron suggests building its own army to protect europe against the u.s., china and russia. world war ii, how did that work out for france? they were starting to learn german -- [laughter] this comes after the two leaders had an icy meeting over the weekend during events commemorating tend of world war i and during the ceremony the french president suggested building a true european army. he also rebuked president trump for calling himself a nationalist. trump's long-held gripe is that the u.s. spends if too much on defense, much more than other nato countries, which is fair because america spends about twice as much each year as every
9:37 pm
other nato country combined. so should we keep up the pressure until the europeans pay up? yeah. i think we should. >> absolutely. kennedy: i don't think there's any reason that we should sustain the system. >> it's really confusing everybody from trump to the media. when trump says, you know what? europe needs to spend if more on defense, people say how is he, you know, like, questioning nato. no, he's trying to strengthen nato. and then when macron says maybe europe should spend more on defense, trump somehow responds negatively. ken cp i mean, they were saying the same thing -- that's confusing. >> they were saying that europe should help defend itself. the point of a mutual defense thing is saying that it's, this is countries freely choosing that we think we are safer when we're all looking out for each other. this is very much both a nationalist and internationalist at the same time. we're all better when we're looking out for each other. but europe has been free-reeding on us. >> right. kennedy: it's like the mafia.
9:38 pm
you're paying for protection, but then, you know, you complain when you don't feel safe walking the streets. >> right. you know, the conservative wing of the republican party had a lot of problems with nato originally, like mr. republican robert taft didn't want us to be a part of nato. they lost, and the e -- the neoconservatives won, and they've done a lot to troy the world. [laughter] i do not understand what the justification is 30 years after the fall of the soviet union, $20 trillion plus this debt that the united states of america should be subsidizing the defense of western europe. i don't know what the argument is. they get so offended when trump brings up this, i don't see what the argument -- kennedy: the world is vastly different than it was after the end of world war ii. how is this going the play out? >> well, i don't know, but i just -- i mean, i cannot believe what a pathetic little weasel maron has been this weekend -- macron has been this weekend. he loves diplomacy and doesn't want to pick fights, the same weekend where he was the one who started this. just as president trump was
9:39 pm
flying over, macron insults america by saying you need a separate european army to defend from china, russia and the usa. kennedy: i don't think he understands the terms he's using. >> and then he has a go at trump directly, insults him with that attack on nationalism. kennedy: nationalism and patriotism, conflating the terms -- >> you can tell he's got a really weak argument because he set up this straw man who cares about the others. no one's saying that. no one's saying just because you prioritize your country you're trying to put other countries down. it just means you put yours first. kennedy: yeah, that is -- >> it's ridiculous. >> the french have always been bad at e disto moll. [laughter] kennedy: the panel is standing by, because we've got a lot to discuss. coming up, did melania trump just take a page out of donald's playbook?
9:40 pm
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♪ ♪ kennedy: such a pretty face. [laughter] welcome back. warheads could be roll -- more heads could be rolling in the white house, and this time it looks like the first lady is pushing the pink slips. in a move analysts are calling unprecedented, melania trump publicly called for the dismissal of a white house aide, deputy national security adviser. in a statement, the communications director said, quote: it is the position of the office of the first lady that -- no longer deserving the privilege of serving in the white house. she clashed with melania's staff and she is suspected of leaking
9:45 pm
negative stories. not cool. the panel is back. steve, dave and tim. so, steve, you have worked in government, you know how these things work. you've got crank key leakers who make life very unbearable. was the first lady at the end of her rope? >> looks like it. i want to know what happened on that africa trip. everyone's saying that they really fell out in africa. i don't know what that was about. i think that if leaking is at the heart of it, you can see why the president would totally back up the first lady and get rid of her, if that's the issue. kennedy: i think any president would back up any first lady. if you are attacking a first lady, because there is no more close relationship -- >> right. and do you know what's interesting about this? because it's another example of how this administration, this presidency is so much more transparent than anything we've seen before. that statement is amazing. kennedy: yeah. and it's unlike anything we've seen from the first lady's office. >> and i'm sure it must be the
9:46 pm
case in the past where you've had first ladies who have said this kind of thing and have this kind of influence and the rest of it. kennedy: nancy reagan just said no. >> never been open about it in this way. kennedy: don't f with flotus. >> and she also made those comments when she was being interviewed that she thought there were people working against donald trump in the administration. i think what's different with this administration if, look, there's never been a president before who was openly opposed by the entire deep state -- kennedy: really hard to find loyal people to work for you. >> it sounds like i'm being a conspiracy theorist. i'm talking about "the new york times" is reporting that people in his own administration are working against him. and when you see how many people have kind of come and gone, it just raises a lot of questions as to what's really going on here. >> and then i totally support a guy just, you know, go to bat for his wife. you come after my wife, i go after you -- kennedy: i think any other president would have done the same thing, president clinton, president obama, president
9:47 pm
bush -- >> i agree. my problem is that there are many times when donald trump is just too personal and doesn't sort of step back, and that's different. w. and obama too would have sort of said, okay, here's somebody i might have some clash with, and i'm going to step back -- kennedy: yeah. maybe we could do this quietly. but the president is thin-skinned. >> this guy is a little too thin-skinned, and i think that undermines -- >> i'm not sure i agree. actually, the problem is he doesn't have enough people -- look, he was sent there as a revolutionary to clear out the old way of doing things. the reason you didn't have these fights with bush and obama, because they went along with the elitist agenda. kennedy: yeah. >> that had been there forever. >> trump is all about trump, and that's my problem. you come in as this populist, and you're fighting for all the people behind you, but so many times -- kennedy: i'm fighting for your right to party. and i want to thank you, tim, dave and steve. [laughter] you guys are magnificent,
9:48 pm
luxurious and unparalleled in your brilliance. congratulations to all. >> we appreciate it. kennedy: topical storm is next. ♪ ♪ insurance that won't replace
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you are interested, act because someone just put in a huge order. yeah! whoo! it's always beach week for scotus. now come to think of this, this might be how rbg broke her ribs. she was doing keg stands with brett. so hot. topic number three -- love you. congratulations are in order to uno, pinball and the imagine you can 8-ball on being inducted into the toy hall of fame and, yes, there is such a thing, although it sounds like something made up by a creep in a white van. take it from a gal with experience, kids, there is never candy in the van, and there is never a puppy in his pants. but there is a town called rochester, new york, and it has more toys than the break room at an iphone factory. for those of you not familiar, uno was a card game, pinball is an arcade game, and the magic 8-ball is what president trump
9:55 pm
uses to make his decisions. just kidding, mr. president. who am i kidding? you're watching hannity right now. [laughter] inductees did not include the american girl doll. turns out consumers thought one brainless girl was enough for new yorkers after watching al sand ya ocasio-cortez get elected to congress. none of her supporters want to pay for anything anyway. topic number four -- red lipstick though. a british fisherman is lucky to be alive after he was attacked by a group of angry seals. it wasn't looking good, but then it dawned on his crew that they were never going to survive unless they got a little crazy. [laughter] it's gonna get so much worse. the british coast forward says the man was walking on a beach when he came across a group of agitated and angry seals. they looked just like these little guys. the lead seal was said to be upset because he'd just been kissed by a rose. luckily, a helicopter was brought in, and the man was able
9:56 pm
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kennedy: thank you so much for watching the best hour of your day. i'm wearing tomato. follow me @kennedy nation. e-mail, kennedy and tomorrow night on the show, it's a big one dr. drew pinsky, mark water. it's about to get good and loud. good might. us. lou: good evening, our top stories california raging wildfires, wildfire in northern part of the state is now deadliest in california history. 42 people confirmed dead, over 200 are missing. thousands of firefighters working around the clock battling the blazes that are still only 30% contained, president trump offered his condolences as well as whatever federal aid is necessary for victims of the wildfires. >> we mourn the lives of voice lost, we pray for the


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